Warranty Policy:

In the custom bow world there are warranty policies that take five minutes to read with lots of words and stipulations. Not here...let's make this easy.

We stand behind our work at Rampart Bows. That means that our warranty is for the bow, not just the first owner.

For two years from the date of the original sale Rampart bows are fully warrantied against damage at the fault of workmanship or inferior materials. Two years is plenty of time for finish work or material defects to come to surface. After that, warranty issues will be handled on a case by case basis. Rampart Bows has full discretion.

Blatent misuse or abuse of your bow is not covered through the warranty. Our aim is to be fair. So issues will be handled in the spirit of fairness and goodwill.

Bow Info:

Rampart Bows are built to handle any of the modern string materials. They come standard with 16 strand Fast Flight bow strings.

Run the brace height around 7.5"-8" for the recurves, or 7"-7.5" for the longbows. Nock height for split finger shooters should start at about 5/8".